Vishal Malkan Net Worth

Vishal Malkan Net Worth 2023: Stock Trading Luminary and Mentor

In stock trading and personal transformation, few names resonate as strongly as Vishal B Malkan. An internet personality, entrepreneur, CEO, trainer, and trading expert. Malkan has carved a remarkable path that blends financial acumen with personal growth. At the helm of the Malkans Training Institute Private Limited, he has not only become a top-tier coach but also a beacon of inspiration for aspiring traders. What sets Malkan apart is not just his towering success. The journey that led him there was a journey that began. When he boldly stepped into the stock market arena at the tender age of 16. As we delve into Vishal Malkan’s net worth in 2023. We not only uncover his financial achievements but also gain insights into his family, age, biography, and career details.


Meet Vishal B Malkan, a finance and trading trailblazer born on December 17, 1975, in Mumbai, India. At the early age of 16 years, he started trading. He coupled his business administration degree from the University of Mumbai with innate financial acumen. Founder of Malkan Holdings and Malkans Training Institute Pvt Ltd, he’s committed to sharing financial wisdom. Alongside his wife, Meghana Malkan, he brought forth the “Malkansview Training Institute” in 2008, leaving an indelible mark on Mumbai’s stock trading education landscape. Let’s delve into Vishal Malkan’s net worth, family, career, and other essential details.

NameVishal B Malkan
Other NameVishal
ProfessionTrading Expert, CEO, Teacher, Mentor
Date of BirthDecember 17, 1975
Age48 years (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceMumbai India
DegreeMBA in Finance
Net Worth850 crores in Indian rupees
Net Worth in USDApprox. 100 million dollars

Vishal Malkan Age

Vishal Malkan was born in Mumbai on December 17, 1975. He has spent 48 years crafting a remarkable financial journey, inspiring global investors with his wisdom and achievements.

Vishal’s Family

The Malkan family, headed by Vishal Malkan and his wife Meghana V Malkan, have transformed challenges into triumphs on their financial journey. With children, Vevaan V Malkan (Son) and Myeshha V Malkan (Daughter). Their united love and shared dedication inspire others to achieve both financial success and personal happiness.

Vishal Malkan Family's

Vishal Malkan Wife

Meghana V Malkan, the accomplished wife of trading expert and author Vishal B Malkan. She is a remarkable figure in her own right, as a High-Performance Coach and co-author of the influential #CASHTAGS. She has made a significant impact in the world of finance and self-improvement. Her journey alongside her husband, Vishal Malkan, has been inspiring. Meghana’s dedication to empowering individuals in their financial endeavors shines through her creation of The Mastery Journal and her co-founding role in MalkanViews with Vishal. Together, they have not only built a successful platform for traders but have also garnered recognition for their contributions. Meghana earned the prestigious title of Times Most Inspiring Woman – West India 2021. Their harmonious partnership in life and business is a testament to their shared vision and unwavering commitment to helping others achieve financial mastery.

Vishal Malkan and Meghana Malkan


Vishal Malkan’s financial acumen shines through a series of well-crafted educational milestones. With an MBA in Finance from NMIMS (2005), he laid his foundation, later mastering trading intricacies as a Certified Expert Trader from Nison University (2011). His commitment continued through Chartadvice’s diverse courses (2009) and BSE’s Technical Analysis programs (2005), showcasing his dedication to a nuanced understanding of the market. This journey, peppered with personal anecdotes, encapsulates Malkan’s remarkable financial trajectory.

Vishal Malkan Career

Vishal Malkan’s exceptional career spans 27 years, with his trading journey commencing at the early age of 16 in 1996. In 2008, he co-founded MalkanView, a platform he leads as CEO. His role as a trading expert is complemented by his revered status as an educator, sharing his insights at institutions like the BSE Training Institute, ICICI Bank’s Treasury Department, and others. Vishal’s influence resonates widely, touching both trading floors and classrooms, making him a true luminary in the field. All of the aforementioned positions significantly contribute to his overall financial worth.

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Vishal B Malkan

Vishal Malkan Net Worth

The remarkable journey to success is reflected in Vishal Malkan’s estimated net worth of 850 crores in INR and around 100 million USD. From humble beginnings, his strategic investments and adept leadership have woven a tapestry of prosperity. Reminding us that vision and diligence shape remarkable legacies.

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Vishal Malkan Income Streams

Through a skillful blend of income streams, Vishal Malkan attained remarkable success. His roles as an educator, seminar leader, coach, visionary behind the MalkanView Company, promotional strategist, and authoritative presence on YouTube collectively contribute to his thriving financial journey. Vishal Malkan’s Net Worth reflects a commitment to spreading knowledge and reaping the rewards.

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LinkedinVishal B Malkan Linkedin Profile
YoutubeVishal B Malkan Youtube
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Email[email protected]
Phone+91 22 2801 0539

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Vishal B Malkan, a trading luminary and mentor, has redefined stock trading with a net worth of 850 crores INR (approximately 100 million USD). Alongside his wife, Meghana V Malkan, he founded Malkans Training Institute, empowering countless individuals. Through teaching, seminars, coaching, a thriving YouTube channel, and the MalkanView Company, he’s cultivated a legacy of financial empowerment. Beyond numbers, Vishal’s journey reflects resilience and dedication. His partnership with Meghana showcases the synergy of shared goals. In Vishal’s story, financial success converges with inspiration, underlining that wealth extends beyond figures to encompass mentorship, collaboration, and a commitment to knowledge-sharing. The preceding passage provides an extensive overview of Vishal Malkan’s net worth, family, career, and additional pertinent information about the individual.

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