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Hakim Aalim Salon Price List: Updated Pricing Guide For 2023

Step into the world of Hakim Aalim Salon, also known as HA Salon, where the art of hairstyling meets a legacy of excellence. With roots tracing back to his legendary father, Hakim, Aalim Hakim has transformed his passion into an empire. From Bollywood icons like Amitabh Bachchan and Ranveer Kapoor to cricket legends such as Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, Aalim’s touch has graced the locks of the most revered. With branches spanning 8 cities, Hakim Aalim Salon is a haven of luxury and innovation, all while keeping the spirit of tradition alive. It’s not just a salon; it’s an ode to craftsmanship, a fusion of history and contemporary flair, and an invitation to experience the artistry firsthand.

Discover the legacy, embrace the style, and indulge in the magic that is Hakim Aalim Salon. Discover the artistry of Hakim Aalim Salon, where price meets skill in a journey that defines the style.

Hakim’s Aalim Hair n’ Beauty Lounge

Nestled at the crossroads of tradition and trend, Hakim’s Aalim Hair n’ Beauty Lounge, founded by the esteemed Aalim Hakim, redefines personal grooming in India. From its humble beginnings, the evolution of the Lounge in 2005 marked a seismic shift in the industry. Aalim Hakim’s journey from a budding stylist to a sought-after name reads like a symphony of dedication and innovation. His commitment to excellence goes beyond aesthetics, extending to the Hakim Aalim Academy, which nurtures aspiring stylists under his guidance. With branches in eight major Indian cities, the Lounge’s impact is profound and inclusive. Aalim Hakim’s story is a testament to the fusion of passion and resilience, where pursuing excellence is an art form.

Understanding Aalim Hakim’s Expertise

Delve into the realm of hair mastery with Aalim Hakim, a luminary with over two decades of experience in hair cutting, styling, and treatments. Aalim Hakim’s expertise extends beyond ordinary hairstyling, as he has curated stunning looks for Bollywood icons, cricket stars, and industry moguls. With an artistic journey that began in his formative years, Aalim’s commitment to his craft is unparalleled. Seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, he has perfected the art of hair, resulting in styles that are not just fashionable but truly transformative. Trust in Aalim Hakim’s seasoned hands to weave magic into your hair, leaving you with a touch of celebrity allure and the confidence that comes with it. In this article, we discover the artistry of Aalim Hakim haircut Price, where price meets skill in a journey that defines the style.

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Range of Haircuts and Services

Discover the world of Hakim Aalim Salon Services, where hair care meets artistry. From invigorating shampoos to silky blowouts and intricate braiding, their offerings redefine grooming. Aalim Hakim’s journey, steeped in the family legacy, adds a personal touch to every visit. With male styling, hair treatments, and a commitment to excellence, the salon transforms both hair and spirits. Step in for a unique experience and emerge with a renewed sense of style and self. Services include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blow dry
  • Ironing
  • Male Styling
  • Braiding
  • Hair Treatments

Breakdown of Hakim Aalim Salon Price List

Aalim Hakim Salon Price, where style and sophistication converge. Hakim’s Aalim Salon offers a range of services that cater to your unique grooming needs. Here’s a glimpse of the salon price list:

Hakim Aalim Salon Price List:

Services ByMale PriceFemale Price
Aalim Hakim Haircut Price – DirectorRs. 18000/-Rs. 20000/-
Creative DirectorRs. 3000/-Rs. 3500/-
Art DirectorRs. 2500/-Rs. 3000/-
Style DirectorRs. 2000/-Rs. 2400/-
Top StylistRs. 1500/-Rs. 1800/-
Senior StylistRs. 1200/-Rs. 1600/-
StylistRs. 900/-Rs. 1200/-

Hakim Aalim Salon Service Prices:

ServicesMale PriceFemale Price
ShampooRs. 150/-Rs. 200/-
ConditionerRs. 150/-Rs. 200/-
Blow dryRs. 750/-Rs. 750/-
IroningRs. 750/-Rs. 750/-
Male StylingRs. 250/-Rs. 250/-
Braiding Per HourRs. 1400/-Rs. 1400/-

Behind these offerings lies the inspiring journey of Aalim Hakim himself. Starting from humble beginnings, Aalim Hakim’s unwavering passion for hairstyling led him to become a renowned Creative Director. His story reminds us that with dedication and artistry, dreams are within reach. Visit Hakim Aalim Salon and experience luxury, innovation, and the art of grooming like never before.

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Booking Process and Consultation

Hakim Aalim Salon, Embark on a transformation journey with their seamless booking process, catering to your convenience. From the touch of a phone call to the click of an email or even a spontaneous walk-in, Hakim Aalim Salon ensures your grooming needs are met. Behind this empire of aesthetics is Aalim Hakim himself, whose journey from modest beginnings to international recognition adds an inspiring touch to every snip and style. His team, trained by the master, offers not just hairstyling but a personalized consultation, ensuring your look embodies your personality. Hakim Aalim Salon isn’t just a destination for grooming; it’s a tribute to passion, expertise, and individuality.

Contact Details:
Phone: HA Pune Landline – 08237001812 / 13 / 14
Email: [email protected]

Aalim Hakim Salon Director Haircut Price

Renowned for his artistry and precision, Aalim Hakim is the director of Hakim’s Aalim, a sanctuary for hair transformation. With a career steeped in innovation, his haircuts are the epitome of luxury, accompanied by a price range that reflects his mastery. Amidst the talented team at the salon, Aalim Hakim’s haircut price commands a premium, starting at 18,000 Indian rupees and reaching 20,000 rupees per haircut. Beyond the realm of scissors and shears, Aalim’s journey is a testament to his dedication. From humble beginnings to gracing the tresses of Bollywood’s finest hairdresser, his odyssey weaves into each strand he touches. Aalim Hakim doesn’t just sculpt hair; he crafts an experience that resonates with elegance and prestige.

Hakim Aalim Director Haircut Price

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Remember, your salon experience is a partnership between you and the experts committed to bringing out your best self. Make the most of it, relish the moments, and emerge from the salon with renewed confidence and a vibrant spirit.

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