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Tommy Mello Net Worth, Family, Career, Divorce and Founder of A1 Garage

Welcome to the captivating world of Tommy Mello. A name that’s all about success and smarts. Hailing from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, Tommy Mello is a CEO, founder, author, motivator, and sales whiz. Imagine this: a go-getter entrepreneur who kicked off A1 Garage Door Service back in 2007. And turned it into the awesome empire it is now. But wait, there’s a twist in the tale! In 2018, Mello published his remarkable rise in his bestselling book Home Service Millionaire: How I Went from $50,000 in Debt to a $30 Million Business in Seven Years. This book not only spills his secrets but also gives a roadmap for others who dream big. In this article, We delve into Tommy Mello’s Net Worth. Cruise through his career and get to know the man behind the magic.

Tommy Mello Biography

Tommy Mello is a trailblazing entrepreneur hailing from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Armed with an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, Tommy fearlessly ventured into the business world. In 2017, he transformed his dreams into reality by launching A1 Garage Door Services in Tempe, Arizona. But that was just the beginning – Tommy’s passion and dedication led him to publish his first book in 2018. Beyond business, he’s a loving spouse, showcasing that triumphs extend to personal life, too, from garage doors to pages of wisdom. Tommy Mello’s net worth and journey radiates inspiration. Proving that with grit and innovation, anyone can script their own success story.

Tommy Mello Net Worth
NameTommy Mello
Other NameTommy
ProfessionCEO, Founder, Author, Motivator, and Sales whiz
Date of Birth1972
Age51 years old (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceSunny Scottsdale, Arizona
UniversityUniversity of Arizona
Net WorthApprox $10 Billions in 2023
Income1 – 2 Million Dollars Annually
NationalityUnited States


Dive into Tommy Mello’s educational world – where an MBA from the University of Arizona isn’t just a degree but a launchpad for success. From acing South American adventures to decoding human behavior as a Certified DISC Trainer. Mastering communication with a Human Interaction Technology certification, Tommy’s journey is a blend of smarts and skills. Beyond books, his financial voyage adds that extra spice of entrepreneurship. With Tommy, education isn’t a chapter – it’s a thrilling novel of achievement.

UniversityMBAUniversity of Arizona, United State
CertificationsCertified DISC TrainerDISC Certification
CertificationsCertified Practitioner of Human Interaction TechnologyUniversity of Arizona, United States

Tommy Mello Career

Tommy Mello’s career is a remarkable journey filled with entrepreneurial success and a dedication to exceptional customer service. As the owner of A1 Garage Door Services since 2007, he has grown the company into a thriving business in Tempe, Arizona. Tommy’s commitment to excellence has not only made A1 Garage Door Services a leader in its industry. But has also earned him recognition as the CEO of Premier Garage Door Company, specializing in custom garage doors and setting high standards in customer service since January 2012.

Beyond his garage door empire, Tommy is a multifaceted professional. He is a respected podcaster, author, and keynote speaker, sharing his expertise in-home services and entrepreneurship. Home Service Millionaire became an Amazon bestseller in December 2018. Mello continues to inspire and educate others on their path to success. Tommy Mello’s net worth and journey showcase how dedication and a passion for service can lead to remarkable achievements.

Tommy Mello A1 Garage

The visionary founder of A1 Garage Door Services, Tommy Mello, launched this exceptional enterprise in 2007. His dedication to quality shines through A1’s 5-star Yelp rating and the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award. With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, Tommy’s commitment to excellence is clear. A1 Garage Door Services is renowned for its stringent technician selection process, including background checks and drug screenings, ensuring top-tier service.

Tommy Mello’s journey is a testament to his financial savvy. Starting small, he’s built a nationwide garage door repair empire. His story proves that with vision and unwavering dedication, remarkable success is attainable. In a world where exceptional customer service is rare, Tommy Mello and A1 Garage Door Services set the standard. Whether you need garage door repair or inspiration from a true success story, Tommy Mello is the name to remember.

Tommy Mello Books

Tommy Mello, synonymous with entrepreneurial success, has penned two remarkable books that offer invaluable insights into his incredible financial journey. Book Home Service Millionaire, published in 2018, Tommy candidly shares how he transformed a $50,000 debt into a thriving $30 million business in just seven years. This book is a goldmine of practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2023, Tommy released his 2nd book, Elevate: Build a Business Where Everybody Wins, a testament to his commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. This follow-up to his earlier work delves deeper into creating businesses where everyone, from employees to customers, thrives. Tommy Mello’s books are a must-read for those seeking not just financial success but also a business model rooted in integrity and shared prosperity. Explore Tommy Mello’s Net Worth journey and elevate your own. Entrepreneurial ambitions with his sage advice.

Tommy Awards

Tommy Mello, synonymous with excellence in entrepreneurship, has garnered many prestigious awards. Notably, in 2019, he clinched the coveted Ace Award by the Phoenix Business Journal. Followed by inclusion in Inc Magazine’s Inc 5000 list. In 2014, he was recognized with the Super Service Award by Angie’s List. The Arizona Republic also acknowledged him as a Top Entrepreneur in 2013. These accolades reflect Mello’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to a multi-million-dollar home service empire. Inspiring countless individuals to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

AwardsYearIssuance Authority
Ace AwardNov 2019Phoenix Business Journal
Inc 5000Oct 2019Inc Magazine
Super Service Award2014Angie’s List
Top Entrepreneur In The Valley Under The Age Of 35Nov 2013The Arizona Republic

Tommy Mello’s Net Worth

Tommy Mello’s net worth is an impressive $10 billion in 2023. Tommy Mello’s annual income is between 1 and 3 million dollars. His inspiring journey from humble beginnings showcases the potential of determination and smart financial decisions.

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Tommy Mello Income Streams

Tommy Mello, the mastermind behind A1 Garage Door Services, boasts a diverse income portfolio. His primary source, A1 Garage Door Services, generates substantial revenue. Tommy also capitalizes on sponsorships, book sales, investments, and multiple business ventures. Additionally, he garners income through magazine columns, podcasts, lectures, and seminars. Tommy Mello’s financial journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess and the art of cultivating various income streams for lasting financial success. These income sources contribute significantly to Tommy Mello’s overall net worth.

Parent’s Divorce

Tommy Mello’s parents divorced when he was seven years old. This event led to him taking on responsibilities early in life, prompting him to start working at the age of 12. So, his grandmother moved in to assist in caring for the family during this time.

Follow Tommy Mello

Connect with Tommy Mello for financial guidance. Follow him on social media or contact him via email or mobile for expert coaching. Tommy’s journey from a small business to a multimillion-dollar success speaks to his expertise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from him.

InstagramTommy Mello Instagram (@OfficialTommyMello)
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Tommy Mello, the CEO and Founder of A1 Garage Door Services. Tommy Mello has achieved a remarkable net worth of $10 billion. His journey from a local garage door repair business to a nationwide success story showcases his entrepreneurial prowess. With an MBA from the University of Arizona, Tommy’s influence extends beyond business, as he’s a sought-after keynote speaker, author, and podcast host. His income sources, including sponsorships, book sales, investments, and diverse business ventures, highlight his multifaceted success. Tommy Mello’s Net Worth and other financial accomplishments are a testament to his unwavering dedication and ability to inspire others, leaving a lasting legacy in the business world.

Commonly Ask Questions About Tommy Mello

Who owns the A1 garage?

Tommy Mello is the CEO and Founder of A1 Garage Door Services, a top-tier company in the garage door industry.

Does Tommy Mello author any books?

Tommy Mello has authored two books: Home Service Millionaire: How I Went from $50,000 in Debt to a $30 Million Business in Seven Years and Elevate: Build a Business Where Everybody Wins.

What is Tommy Mello’s current net worth?

Tommy Mello’s net worth is around $10 billion in 2023.

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